Nicolas Ceccaldi, Ce ne sont pas les druides que nous cherchons, 29 April – 27 May 2023

  • Let me see your identification.

  • You don’t need to see his identification.

  • We don’t need to see his identification.

  • These aren’t the druids you’re looking for.
  • These aren’t the druids we’re looking for.
  • He can go about his business.

  • You can go about your business.

  • Move along.

  • Move along. Move along.

Gallery Edouard Montassut proudly presents Nicolas Ceccaldi’s first solo exhibition in Paris. Comprising of seven paintings and a multi-media installation, this exhibition signals the artist’s interest in futuristic themes and science fiction: alienated humans and their robot counterparts are featured throughout. The works on view offer an alternative interpretation of those themes in a manner inspired by Impressionism and «concept art».

The concept-artist’s role is to render visual depictions of ideas during the development of a film or television production: the conception of decors, sceneries, characters, or costumes establish a distinct visual atmosphere which largely contributes to a production’s popularity. Concept art differs from storyboards in that it doesn’t necessarily follow the narrative plot or reflect actual scenes. The images transcend the script.

A mute video installation completes the exhibition by providing an «anti-soundtrack». It symbolizes in visual form two distinct musical themes which when taken together, cancel each other out. This juxtaposition aims to restrict or to complicate the incursion in the spectator’s mind of an involuntary musical image (INMI).