Ivan Cheng *1991, Australia. Lives and works in Amsterdam



    • NPMonash Museum of Art, Melbourne solo, upcoming
    • Under AmourACMI, Melbourne performance, upcoming
    • Wild Tanks: Halogen Daylight SpringtimeMind Eater Festival, UKS, Oslo performance, upcoming
    • CourtplayHartwig Art Foundation, Amsterdam group


    • ClaritiesLafayette Anticipations, Paris + Festival d’Automne performance
    • Against Sun and Dust: Anti HistoriaVilla Imperiale, Pesaro group
    • Mood Apparent (standard stare)FRAC des Pays de la Loire, Nantes performance
    • Vous n'avez pas besoin d'y croire pour que ça existeFRAC des Pays de la Loire, Nantes group
    • Ambientals/The CraftOCTO, Marseille + Festival de Marseille solo
    • The Divine ComedyGalerie Capitain Zweigstelle, Naples performance
    • Unschöne Museengta Exhibitions, Zurich group
    • SemicolonsEllen de Bruijne PROJECTS, Amsterdam group
    • Feudal FlawFrascati, Amsterdam performance


    • Mega-Phone Mono-PolyLiquid Architecture, Melbourne group
    • Renovation (Virginities 2)Le Magasin, Grenoble performance
    • La position de l’amourLe Magasin, Grenoble group
    • Base NoteAnonymous Gallery, New York group
    • Some of It Falls from the Belt and Lands on the Walkway Beside the ConveyorVleeshal, Middelburg screening
    • Suns HollowPerdu, Amsterdam performance
    • MilieuEdouard Montassut, Paris solo
    • Mount AnalogueDen Norske Opera & Ballett, Olso + Ultima Festival performance
    • Bloopers / Vertigo / Litigation (motorcycle diaries)Galerie Gisela Capitain, Cologne performance
    • Reception (standard stare)MAXXI, Rome performance
    • Wedding Day (standard stare)Centrale Fies, Dro performance
    • Licence Free Chorus Line (motorcycle diaries)Peter-Weiss-Haus, Rostock performance
    • Fiction or FictionsChristian Andersen, Copenhagen group


    • Can I Go Out Already?Tilde, Amsterdam group
    • sub/dominionChateau Shatto, Los Angeles group
    • this dialogue which happened to be present in all other dialoguesAlyssa Davis Gallery, New York group
    • Gemini Redux (beeny's prayer)Arti et Amiticae, Amsterdam performance
    • Chain 5 (standard stare)Maison Populaire, Montreuil performance
    • Copernican CoiningLungo Stura Lazio, Turin group
    • The ZanyLateral Roma, Rome group
    • I Wanna Be TogetherAtelier WG, Amsterdam group
    • The Many Faced God-dessMaison Populaire, Montreuil group
    • PARATAXIS; (...)OoO, Vienna solo
    • Flight Mode / Corgi’s EntreeParc de l’Eracom, Les Urbaines, Lausanne performance
    • Absolution / Toilet SignsKammermeir Privat, lament.tv, Berlin performance
    • ex-curses + virginitiesMother Culture, Los Angeles solo


    • Changing Room 3 (Ouija DM)Next Waves Theatre, Volksbühne, Berlin performance
    • CarriersArt Sonje, Seoul group
    • Virtue and the CityMaison Descartes, Amsterdam group
    • Corpse Halo (honey’s affair)STRP, Eindhoven performance
    • VirginitiesOCCII, Amsterdam performance


    • Clarities/BridgesPerdu, Amsterdam performance
    • cuff without duck / smog ou soleil(with Gianmaria Andreetta), Espace 3353, Geneva group
    • BarometerNacionalinė dailės galerija, Vilnius performance
    • Gemini Exit (beeny's retirement)Oude Kerk, Amsterdam performance
    • CAST (eros tunes)(with Gianmaria Andreetta), Spazio Murat, Bari performance
    • SouvenirSpazio Murat, Bari group
    • I Could Be Easy to SwallowEspace 3353, Geneva group
    • Finality’s an AshtrayHet Huis, Utrecht performance
    • Chain (standard stare)Belvedere21, Vienna performance
    • K_NightGiardini Reali della Cavallerizza, Torino group
    • caller cGarage Noord, Amsterdam performance
    • FW: FW: Christiaan’s BulletPerdu, Amsterdam performance


    • Sunset BlisterMuHKA, Antwerp performance
    • Christine’s BulletFrans Hals Museum, Haarlem performance
    • Standard StareDruskininkų Jaunimo Centras, Druskininkai + Lithuanian Composer's Residency performance performance
    • yes resonance, no reflectionKantine, Brussels group
    • funny how forever, feels nowJuliette Jongma, Amsterdam group
    • Streaming Realities SteamingGrace, Athens group
    • On Acausal Connecting PrinciplesMuHKA, Antwerp group
    • Biscuit BetrayalReal Real, Campbelltown Arts Centre, Sydney performance


    • Archive Performance (phantom cigarette)Q18/Quartier am Hafen, Cologne group
    • BAD WEATHERCricoteka / Unsound Festival, Krakow performance
    • Copernican CoiningBroadwaters, Sydney performance
    • Alliteration TrailButcher's Tears, Amsterdam performance
    • Warm UpsEstonia festival, SMC/CAC, Vilnius performance
    • Centaur ClassicDesign Biennial, Saint-Étienne performance


    • Open Avond(s)De Appel, Amsterdam group
    • Ahistoric VacuumEYE Filmmuseum, Amsterdam group
    • dogged, a dawningDe Appel, Amsterdam performance
    • garderobeKunstmuseum Bonn, Bonn performance
    • back-dropStudio MG, Amsterdam, Amsterdam performance


  • 2017 Sandberg Instituut, Amsterdam

  • 2013 Sydney Conservatorium of Music, Sydney & The Royal Academy of Music, London


  • 2022 Triangle-Asterides, Marseille

  • 2021 Liveworks 2021-2022, Centrale Fies, Dro

  • 2021 Bethy Trio, Schloss Wiepersdorf, Germany

  • 2018 Lodgers, Air Antwerpen/MuHKA, Antwerp

  • 2018 Lithuanian Composer’s Residency, DAR, Druskininkai

  • 2018 Real Real, Campbelltown Arts Centre, CAC, Sydney

  • 2016 COLLABORATIONS - American Post Modern Dance / Music / Sound, Kunstmuseum Bonn, Bonn


  • 2022 Confidences / Majority, After 8 Books, 2022

  • 2021 Confidences / Baseline, TLTR Preß, Berlin

  • 2021 Homebody, Zurich Moves, Zurich

  • 2021 Where Do We Go From Now?, Circa Art, London

  • 2019 Evangelisms (houdini was beautiful), script with french translation by Gianmaria Andreetta, Espace 3353, Geneva

Selected Press


  • Frac Champagne-Ardenne, Reims