Timothée Calame, Interiority in 2022, 5 March – 2 April 2022

This third exhibition of Timothée Calame at the gallery comprises a new series of assembled objects and mural typographical interventions.
The sculptures return more or less assiduously to a handful of themes and forms that were focused on in previous exhibitions: plastic cartographic globes, decorative techniques borrowed from the psychedelic sub-genre, and objects found in the street and at home. Silent protagonists of the zeitgeist who sometimes seem to survive the whims of History more easily than we do, our cells in a perpetual state of excitement, causing miracles as well as misfortunes and making objects of the kind we see here, which have been forced to retire from everyday life, sold or passed on and probably replaced by new models that will no doubt be supplanted themselves one day. Because they are frozen in time, objects and the written word are ideal candidates for playing the leading roles in a tragedy about the perpetual state of change to which everything, without exception, is subjected: the necessary condition for what is commonly called life.