Marc Kokopeli, Meeting People is Easy, 20 October – 17 December 2022

Because there is something about the way a computer speaks, mispronouncing everything.
Very un-Rock, this type of fickle melancholia that hangs over the show. We enjoy being in
the studio and watching things coming together, but confidence becomes a bigger issue
than before, with time budgets fractionating, boundaries must enclose, not cut, the relevant
pathways to any sort of solution. Yet not much of this matters to the show, since the effects
of imagineering have changed the order of things, first an obscenity from a mouth, then
you experience a monstrously seductive face. Motoring along, between the cleavages of
attention, we experience a certain humility, which is appropriate, tempered by the dignity or
joy of being part of something bigger. A part – if you will – of God.