Hélène Fauquet, monde ouvert, 15 January – 19 February 2022

Édouard Montassut is pleased to present Hélène Fauquet’s second solo exhibition at the gallery, entitled monde ouvert.
As an extension of her first exhibition, the new works focus on recent stained glass motifs customed to a place and a person. The final motifs are interested in the composition of these objects, which in their exportations, carry a fragment of their veiled worlds with them. Giving rise to parametrized and unadaptable views. The blurred visions tend to promote ecstatic consciousness, challenging the idea of universal adaptability.
The title of the exhibition can be read as a reference to the game mechanism with a completely open map. The virtual world, generated using a procedural generation algorithm, is unique to each game. This technique allows the existence of infinite worlds: the world is then generated gradually as the player progresses.