Nicolas Ceccaldi *1983, Canada. Lives and works in Paris



    • inner GLOw’ replicaBasement Roma, Roma group
    • Thomas Cap de Ville Nicolas CeccaldiGalerie Tenko Presents & Joseph Bourgois, Tokyo solo
    • ZoneReena Spaulings, New York group
    • HungerWeiss Falk, Basel group


    • Do What You Love(with Georgie Nettell), Ciccio, New York solo
    • Tous les joursGalerie Chantal Crousel, Paris group
    • TheyLe Consortium, Dijon group
    • These are not the druids we’re looking forÉdouard Montassut, Paris solo
    • Animal FictionGreene Naftali, New York solo


    • License to GrazeNeue Alte Brücke, Frankfurt solo
    • Scrumptious BlueGuzzler, Melbourne solo
    • the state I am inCapitain Petzel, Berlin group


    • PRK-1UTonus, Paris group
    • Camouflage ChameleonGuzzler, Melbourne solo


    • Visuals(with Georgie Nettell), Select, Berlin solo
    • HONK HONK JOKERGaga, Los Angeles solo
    • Knock knockGalerie Meyer Kainer, Vienna solo


    • Digital GothicCentre d'Art Contemporain La Synagogue Delme, Delme group
    • Ritratto d'un capello inquietanteGalerie Buchholz, Cologne group
    • 20 Years Later (A Sentimental Education)Air de Paris, Paris group
    • The Stroke of MidnightGreene Naftali, New York solo


    • ApproachesSvetlana, New York group
    • Here Here - The I and everything elseBraunsfelder, Cologne group


    • Jahresgaben 2018Koelnischer Kunstverein, Cologne group
    • Hymne à la joieLe Consortium, Dijon solo
    • Okey Dokey: Zum JülichstübliJan Kaps, Cologne group
    • Exo EmoGreene Naftali, New York group
    • Sunlight arrives only at its proper hour356 Mission, Los Angeles group
    • What “Everybody Knows”Jenny's, Los Angeles group


    • Les Chemins de la HonteGaga, Los Angeles solo
    • Druydrye April(with Mathieu Malouf), Goton / Édouard Montassut, Paris solo
    • Real Fine Arts Presents 809 Washington Street, New York group


    • WearablesReal Fine Arts, New York solo
    • Group ShowGoton / Édouard Montasut, Paris group
    • System of a DownEllis King, Dublin group
    • Anna Uddenberg and Nicolas CeccaldiMEGA Foundation, Stockholm solo
    • In Girum Imus Nocte et Consumimur IgniMuseo Jumex, Mexico City group
    • Permanently Tiedup Version of YouProject Native Informant, London solo
    • Works on PaperGreene Naftali , New York group
    • L’usage des formesPalais de Tokyo, Paris group
    • Nightmare FactoryMathew, Berlin solo


    • Private Setting. Art after the InternetMuseum of Modern Art, Warsaw group
    • Anatomy of AnxietiesEdouard Malingue Gallery, Hong Kong group
    • Unshelling and Shelling AgainDiorama & Kunsthall Stavanger, Oslo & Stavanger group
    • Nuclear War: What’s in it for you?Vilma Gold, London group
    • Coming of Age For AgesHalle für Kunst Lüneburg, Lüneburg group
    • Red WineKunstverein Muenchen, Munich solo
    • Hyper-resemblancesMiriam and Ira D. Wallach Art Gallery, Columbia University, New York group
    • Liquor StoreParadise Garage, Los Angeles group
    • Art Post-InternetUllens Center for Contemporary Art, Beijing group
    • Season of the Whichcastillo/corrales, Paris solo


    • S.O.A.P.Y. INeue Alte Brücke, Frankfurt group
    • Blind CountryFreedman Fitzpatrick, Los Angeles group
    • Under the BQEM/L Artspace , New York group
    • Trust (A Mi Izquierda)Balice Hertling, Paris group
    • masqueradeofperfection [dot] tumblr [dot] comNew Jerseyy, Basel solo
    • Love is Still Colder Than CapitalMathew, Berlin group
    • HMVFoxy Production, New York group
    • Version ControlArnolfini Museum, Bristol solo


    • Group ExhibitionValentin, Paris group
    • WearablesReal Fine Arts, New York solo
    • Interiority ComplexCubitt, London group
    • Skypy Gang ArchangeLe Commissariat, Paris group
    • Pro Choice(with Yngve Holen), Pro Choice , Vienna solo
    • You know?Altman Siegel , San Francisco group
    • < life > masqueradeofperfection [dot] tumblr [dot] com < /life >New Jerseyy, Basel solo
    • Films & Windows (III)Mathew, Berlin group
    • Neue Alte Brücke, Frankfurt solo
    • Hello my name is : anonymous [...]Neue Alte Bruecke, Frankfurt solo
    • Als Morandi mit der Kinematographie liebäugelteSupportico Lopez, Berlin group
    • SummoningJohan Berggren Gallery, Malmö solo
    • Year of CooperationBroadway 1602, New York group


    • Candles in the mind gameBeige Cube, Frankfurt group
    • État de ChosesDarsa Comfort, Zürich group
    • Grouped ShowTanya Leighton, Berlin group
    • Where Language StopsWilkinson, London group
    • Based in BerlinBerlin, KW Institute for Contemporary Art, Berlin group
    • Garbage World(with Morag Keil), Mark & Kyoko, Berlin solo
    • Venus in a ShellFluxia gallery, Milan group
    • Join the Black MambaKarma International, Zürich group
    • The Swamp ThingOutpost Gallery, Norwich group
    • Embassy Gallery, Edinburgh, On TomorrowEmbassy Gallery, Edinburgh group
    • Grand Opening Pt. IMathew, Berlin group


    • The Smart Frrridge. Chilly Forecast for Internet FridgeKunstverein Medienturm, Graz group
    • In the Middle of AffairsKünstlerhaus Stuttgart, Stuttgart group
    • Prepare to LiveJohan Berggren Gallery, Malmö solo
    • Room DividerWilkinson Gallery, London group
    • Madinah Warfare, (with Dan Rees), Sandy Brown Gallery, Berlin solo
    • Fashions in the Middle AgesNeue Alte Brücke, Frankfurt solo


    • MartyrEconomy, London solo
    • Concrete galleryWilkinson Gallery, London group
    • Weekend at Larry’s: Fortune greets GeniusLarry’s, Berlin solo


    • What Is Not But Could Be IfCaribic Residency, Frankfurt group
    • (with Stephen Suckale), Kornhäuschen Aschaffenburg, Aschaffenburg solo
    • J..Euler und A.Koschmieder pendeln aus-, Philosophisch-Theologische Hochschule St. Georgen, Frankfurt group


  • 2010 HfBK Städelschule, Frankfurt
    2006 Université du Québec, Montréal

Selected Press